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Back in 1998 I landed a job that gave me Internet access. I was amazed and hooked. “What a wonderful thing this ‘internet’ is.” I thought. I then decided that designing websites must be the wave of the future and my future as well. I got myself a computer and Internet access. I wanted to be the next Bill Gates, although it did not work out quite as I had planned.

In a few e-Group forums I met several Artists that used Adobe Photoshop or similar graphic software packages for photo manipulation, what we now call morphing. At that time there were only a few morphing artists out there: the incredible “N” and KiwiMike (who passed away several years ago from a prolonged illness). It was KiwiMike who encouraged me to try my hand at morphing. In the process I became known as “Morphed Muscle,” which is now my pen name. Other Artists soon joined the e-Group, including the versatile Kristiaan.ENH, who does not only morphs and sketches but also draws in a genre called “Furry Muscle Art,” anthropomorphic muscled characters.

Many artists desired a website to display their work, but had no desire or skill in setting one up. I decided that maybe I could give their art a home for display. So I taught myself how to write html code. What followed was a series of websites that started on a free hosting service called HotBot. I chose this service because of their lack of “banner ads,” ads I still don’t care for, even today.

In early 2001, when HotBot discontinued their free service, I considered other options. What resulted was a real domain name,, which used a paid, hosting service. I soon found the bandwidth charges hurting me financially. I sought a better way to financially underwrite the site. Soon after I introduced a section on the website called “Erotica”, where the Artists could display some of their “adult” manipulations. I used an “adult verification service” to protect Erotica from minors. The “AVS” also had the advantage of offering a commission based on membership sales. Even though this service worked well, I still had to pay a large part of the hosting charges out-of-pocket. So I placed the entire site behind the “AVS,” which then required a membership fee. This worked well and was able to subsidize the hosting service. But after awhile, the “AVS” style was becoming more pornographic in content and less like my vision of what I wanted while sales started to dwindle to the point of not being able pay for the site. This continued until late 2009: updating the site became sporadic due to my own life events and the staggering amount of html code becoming necessary for adding even one image! So I decided to once again “re-invent” the site and Masters of Muscle was born.

Masters of Muscle now uses gallery software, which is extremely efficient and has the added bonus of allowing the Artists to upload their own images. I also decided to focus not just on muscle morphs but on all types of muscle artistry such as 3D renderings, drawings, paintings, sketches, anthropomorphic art, and other mediums. At that time, I chose CCBill for our Internet billing provider. However, in late 2013, due to ever increasing fees imposed by the credit card companies for processing through CCBill, I made the change to PayPal. PayPal charges considerably less in processing which allowed for a new pricing model in multiple currencies to allow everyone around the world to enjoy all the wonderful artworks the site offers.

The end result is the site you see today, Masters of Muscle. The newest incarnation of what was previously called Morphed Muscle. Masters of Muscle will continue to add new Artists and bring you the Very Best Male Muscle Artistry from around the world.

I hope you will enjoy Masters of Muscle as much as I enjoy working with these Great Artists and presenting them to you for your pleasure. With special thanks to Kristiaan for his friendship and support over these many years. I could not have done it without you My Friend!

Best Wishes, Morphed Muscle